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December 09 2011

Popatrz jak wszystko szybko się zmienia, coś jest a później tego nie ma..

December 08 2011

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December 06 2011

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"I'm out the door, I'm on my ass again like every night before
I'm off the wall, out of my fucking mind, I'm out of control "

 m Asking Alexandria- To The Stage
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December 05 2011

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- Hello Marion.' 
- Harry? 
- 'Marion, I've been thinking about you so much. 
'Are you OK?' 
- When you're comin' home? 
- Soon. 
- When? 
- Soon. 
- 'You holdin' out all right?' 
- Harry?Can you come today? 
- Yeah. I'll come. 'I'll come today.'You just wait for me, all right? 
- OK, Harry. 
- 'I'm coming back, Marion.' 
- Yeah. 
- 'Marion?' 
- Yeah? 
- I'm really sorry, Marion. 
- I know.
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December 04 2011

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December 03 2011

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Do I miss something?
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see beauty, it' s such a beautiful. Can you also feel it? the beauty of everything. -Victoriie
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People tell me what to do, how I look. I really hate that. I believe everyone should take care of their own lives and not in someone's People irritate me. I would like to say fuck off everyone.-Victoriie  


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December 02 2011

Zawsze na siebie zdani szczęście swoje tworzymy sami.

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